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Rich in antioxidants, L-glutathione is an effective way to help replenish your bodies reserves of vital nutrients to help keep your body running healthy, and to help keep your skin smooth and clear. L Glutathione supplement benefits: Neutralizes free radicals Supports a healthy liver Promotes healthy brain functions Smoother, brighter skin L-Glutathione helps combat free radical development in your body. While we can’t stop free radicals completely, the longer you can keep your bodies levels up to combat them, the better. Glutathione can help neutralize these effects and contribute to a healthy aging process! EXTRA STRENGTH 1000MG DOSE - Each daily dose provides 1000mg of glutathione making sure to keep your bodies levels up as they decrease over time. Rich in antioxidants and nutrients helps keep your body stay in great shape. POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT - Glutathione is a critical ingredient that helps support the brain, body and skin as we age. Over time our bodies produce less glutathione that helps detoxify your liver, promotes brain function and gives your body smoother, brighter skin. NEUTRALIZE FREE RADICALS - Glutathione is an important in the body to help combat free radicals that cause damage, aging and discoloration of your skin. As we age this naturally decreases in your body, but by neutralizing them you help your skin stay clearer, smoother, brighter and more beautiful.