Cooking Superfoods: The Mighty Beetroot

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  1. Finding the Best Beetroot
  2. Eating Beets Raw
  3. Easy Cooking with Beets

The Beetroot is a type of taproot that either has a gold or red color. It's from the Beet plant and has earned the name "Superfood" because it's potent with nitrates, minerals, and vitamins that helps athletes all over the world. People have spent millions trying to create the perfect nutritious supplement and wouldn't you know, nature had already provided the answer.

There’s just one problem. Despite beetroot’s potent nitrates and rich nutritional value, people don’t like it because if flavor, and even if they do, they don’t know how to best eat it. There’s various way to cook this Ruby of Taproots and we’ll highlight a few great ways for you. Likewise, no matter how good of a beet you find to cook with, it will never be able to match the effectiveness of buying beetroot powder, which is processed to be as potent as possible while being much easier to add to any recipe you want.  

First and Foremost: How to Find the Cream of the Crop

When cooking any vegetables, it's important to always pick the freshest and the ones in their prime. Not only does it affect the flavor significantly, it also affects the amount of nutrients you have per beetroot, thereby directly affecting how good the beetroot is for you.

  • The Redder, the Better. Taproots that have a crimson red color to them is what you want. The richness of the red determines how much Betacyanin it has. Betacyanin is what gives the reddish color and is one of the prime nutrients you want in Beetroot
  • Tall, Dark, and Green. If the beets still have their leaves attached, look for those with crisp, dark green leaves. The stems should at least be ½ to 1 inch long and the root part should be at least 2 inches long. This is to prevent the betacyanin from bleeding out when you start cooking.
  • Smooth… Hard… and… Round! Fresh beets have a smooth surface free of cuts and bumps. Avoid soft spots and bruising, and try to pick bees with the least hair. Hairiness in taproot is often a sign that the taproot is too mature, making it tough and have a woody texture.
  • Size Matters. Big isn't always better. Big beets sometimes have tough cores that have a bitter, gummy tastes most people find unpalatable. Pick medium-sized beets to minimize that flavor and maximize the natural sweetness it has to offer.

  • Now that you know how to pick the best ones for cooking, it’s time to know how to cook them.

    Eating Beets Raw

    To utilize as much of a vegetable nutrients as possible, you must eat it raw. Unfortunately, not all vegetables are palatable when eaten raw. Carrots and Lettuce are a delight to eat when raw and cold. For beetroots, however, the opinion is divided. Others love it because of the semi-sweet taste, but others find it so unpalatable that they associate the taste with eating dirt.

    With the right ingredients, it's possible to make beetroot taste great, even when eaten raw.

  • Beetroot Salad with Carrots and Potatoes. Nothing like making a salad with three earthly vegetables. Peel the skin off all three vegetables and grate them, or cut them into strips. Mix them all together and put in your desired dressings. Olive oil, sesame oil work wonders here. Then add a splash of either orange dressing or lemon juice to add that sweet tang. The rest is up to your taste. You can also substitute the other veggies with your own selections.

  • Run Beetroots into a Food Processor. This is one of two ways to efficiently prepare beetroot. It turns it into an easy-to-eat puree that retains its natural sweetness and all the nutrients you need. You can turn this into a shake by blending it with some lemonade, kiwi, or oranges and a scoop of ice. You can also mix a bit of mayonnaise or butter into the puree and eat it as a side dish, which pairs well with meats. The advantage of running it to a food processor instead of a juicer is it maintains its dietary fiber.
  • Beet Juice to Beat the Heat. Placing beetroots into a juicer is also a quick and easy way to prepare and consume beet juice. It can be done as is and drink the sweet and earthy elixir, or you can add your own twist. Tangy and crisp flavors go very well with the soft flavors of beet, so feel free to add either apples, orange, lemons, celery or ginger into the mix.

  • Easy Cooking With Beets

    Cooking beets are all about matching the flavor and the texture. It can be boiled, steamed, baked, or any other method you can think of. If you wonder if baking or steaming beets will reduce its nutritional value, the answer is technical yes. However, the amount removed from the beet is less than 10%, nearly negligible from raw. The only rule to ensure you maximize the nutrients while cooking is to make sure none of the juices or parts of the beet is left behind.

  • Hot and Cool Steamed Beets with Mint. Steaming vegetables, in general, is a great way to cook them while keeping all the nutrients. Steaming beets makes them softer and less gamey. For this recipe. Get yourself some baby beetroots (you can choose older ones for better sweetness) and put them under steam for about half an hour. If the beets aren't tender enough, steam further until tender. Once steamed, let it cool until you can handle it. Afterwards, peel the skin off and place the beets in a bowl. Add your choice of oils, choice of vinegar, a handful of fresh mint leaves, then add salt and pepper to taste. Toss the beets gently and serve.
  • Mix with Tomatoes to Make Soup. Another great method to infuse the earthly sweet taste of beets into food is making it into soup. Make your own tomato soup by sauteing onions until caramelized and adding an equal amount of finely chopped tomatoes and beetroots. Simmer until both beets and tomatoes are very soft, then place them in a blender. Season with salt and pepper to your preference and goes well with creamy toppings like yogurt or cream cheese.

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    Beetroot Powder: Rocket Fuel for Athletes

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    1. Beetroot Improves Muscle Recovery
    2. A Blessing for Your Joints
    3. Guilt-free Energy
    4. Weight Loss with Beetroot

    Superfoods are the future of performance enhancement, make no mistake. We've relied on cutting-edge science to create tonics and supplements to make us go the extra mile. What we didn't notice, is that nature had already provided us with fruits and vegetables that are rich in these much-needed nutrients.

    Beetroot is among these superfoods. Oddly enough, what it contains is what helps rockets propel forward. We’re talking about Nitrates, compounds that contain Nitrogen or Nitric Acid. When nitrates are ingested, they are converted into Nitric Oxide or “NO”.

    In general, Nitrates improve blood flow in the body. They cause your blood vessels to expand or dilate, allowing more blood to flow. This means better nutrient flow, better lactic acid removal (the acid responsible for making your muscles feel tired) and above all, better oxygen flow. Athletes and anyone else who undergoes vigorous physical activity knows that getting oxygen into your system can greatly boost your stamina.

    According to studies, intake of beetroot nitrates shows significant improvement in muscle activity. Specifically, the muscles needed for quick reflexes. The overall improvement of your stamina combined with better reflexes can make the difference between first and second place.

    You can eat beetroot in many ways, but the most efficient way is getting yourself some beetroot powder. Add it to any food you normally eat or mix it in a cup of water, whichever suits you.

    Beetroot Enhances Muscle Recovery

    In any form of physical training, recovery is 50% of the entire process. You work out specific muscles to further your goals, technically damaging them in a specific way. Afterwards, you rest and you let your body rebuild the damages, making the areas stronger, tougher or leaner to better do that task. This is especially true for bodybuilders. It's not the weight lifting itself that builds the muscle - it’s technically the way your body recovers from exertion.

    Beetroot helps with muscle recovery, and it's perfectly safe. It helps in a subtle but effective way. First is that the nitrates it contain help reduce inflammation. Inflammation happens when a part of your body is damaged. In this process, the body swells the area, making sure that white blood cells and other bodily resources are delivered. This is a good thing, but there's always a downside. It hurts and can get in the way of your training.

    A first-time athlete or gym-goer will tell you that the day after a workout is the most painful. Depending on the workout, it could render them immobile, let alone continue with the training. This is where beetroot can help. It helps reduce inflammation is a much more natural way than medicine and it lasts longer. This means you can work out better, heavier and more effectively with less inflammation to deal with.

    Beetroot is a Blessing to your Joints

    Beetroot powder supplement for your joints

    Our muscles do the flexing and lifting, but it's our joints that take most of the stress. Our knees, elbows and ankle joints absorb a great majority of impacts. Just jumping makes your knees and ankles absorb half your body weight in force. They can take the brunt and more, but eventually, the mechanisms of your joints will wear down like any machine. This can lead to a condition known as arthritis, where the tissue that keeps your joints lubricated wears out, leading to pain, swelling, and stiffness.

    Not only does Beetroot prevent it, it also helps people who already have them. Beetroot incredible anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the overall discomfort of joint pain, along with good antioxidant and detoxification qualities.

    Apart from its anti-inflammatory effects, it also improves blood circulation, ensuring that your joints get the right nutrients needed for the everyday wear and tear associated with sports and life.

    Beetroot: Guilt-Free Energy

    For some people, when they think of energy, they think of consuming calorie-rich food and to some extent, energy drinks. All of them have their perks, but balancing your calorie intake while trying to maintain your energy levels is a bit difficult, especially when you’re not used to it. Energy drinks bring you power like Nitrous Oxide brings a boost to race cars, but you’ll experience a burnout soon enough, along with the caffeine levels that may cause dependence.  

    Beetroot does not give out calories to burn, nor does it have additives that help your body burn more energy. Instead, it helps your body manage oxygen better. Beetroot is rich in nitrates which your body transforms into nitric oxide. It improves not only blood flow, but also increases hormone levels by a small but significant amount, and improves neuron firing rate. The end result is that your muscles use less oxygen to perform their tasks, and they act faster.

    If your body was an engine, beetroot is like the ideal oil that enhances the way your pistons work and improves the fuel efficiency. The bonus? Your liver will thank you, as Beetroot also has nutrients like Betacyanin, a powerful antioxidant. Not only does it improve your "engine," it also helps clean it out.

    Beetroot Powder for Weight Loss

    Beetroot powder a superfood to help lose weight

    Beetroot has been a labeled a superfood for good reason. It's filled with nutrients and organic compounds whose effects favor athletes and physically active people. No special preparation needed unless you want to make it an extra special meal.

    Since the nutrients it provides support for physical activity, it's only natural that it would help people who are trying to lose weight, right? Yes. Beetroot is packed with potent amounts of a chemical called Betacyanin. This organic compound is a powerful antioxidant and aids in removing toxins from your liver. It's shining role in reducing your weight, is that it helps melt away bad cholesterol and prevents it from depositing in your body.

    Beetroot makes for a small but great meal. At 35 calories per 100 grams or per beet, it gives you more than it offers in calorie content. It's rich in iron and nitrates, which is perfect for giving you an edge to help you keep going.

    For more information on Beetroot Powder and other health tips, click here to visit the SELFe homepage.

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    Beetroot Powder and its Effects: How Does it Help Bodybuilders and Athletes?

    SELFe Nutrition


    1. Beetroot Powder and its Effects: How Does it Help Bodybuilders and Athletes?
    2. What is Beetroot Powder?
    3. Benefits of Beetroot Powder for Athletes and Bodybuilders
    4. What is Vasodilation? And How Does Beetroot Help?

    Beetroot powder has a slightly sweet taste that can be described as “earthy”. You can use it in your recipes to boost its nutrient content—that is, if you are a fan of all-natural ingredients. If you missed our earlier article, "Everything You Wanted To Know About Beetroot & Beetroot Powder" it's worth a read.

    Just add a few teaspoons of the powder to your salad dressings or sauces. You can even use it as an alternative food coloring for your cupcakes, to give them a beautiful color.

    Since beetroot powder has so many wonderful applications, it’s good to know what it does for your body exactly, especially if you are conscious about your health. Athletes, bodybuilders, and cross-fitters could benefit from having beetroot powder in their diet—and today we’re going to talk about how it helps boost your performance.


    What is Beetroot Powder?

    Cooked beets have a lot of health benefits. And the powder version is no different.

    Beetroot powder is made with dehydrated beets, which are then ground into a powder. All the protective nutrients of ripe beets are retained in the powders, making them naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as nitrates. If you are not getting enough of your daily nutrition from food-which is almost all of us- then try one of our multivitamins.

    It’s also a good sign when your ingredients have no harmful additives in them. Beetroot powder has none. Save for the b 12 vitamins- hence the name beet12!

    Beetroot powder, just like regular beets, is rich in antioxidants and dietary fiber. Its nitrate content can help improve blood flow—which we will discuss further later on. It can lower your blood pressure, which significantly improves your health.

    Beetroot powder can make it easier for the heart to pump blood by widening the blood vessels. One study noted that patients who consumed beet juice had a lower systolic blood pressure for 24 hours after drinking the juice. The same could not be said for patients who did not consume beetroot juice.

    This improved blood flow can benefit the body in many different ways. For example, increased brain blood flow can help those who are suffering from degenerative diseases related to aging.

    A high nitrate diet can increase the blood flow to the frontal lobe in older adults. This helps cognitive function for those who are already susceptible to cognitive decline.

    And of course, for athletes, the primary benefit of beetroot powder is increased endurance. Beet powder can help improve a person’s stamina. This helps you workout for longer. Sure, mental fortitude and determination can go a long way, but you’ll be accomplishing way more if you have extra stamina.


    Benefits of Beetroot Powder for Athletes and Bodybuilders

    Athletes, cross fitters, and bodybuilders sometimes drink smoothies or protein shakes to improve their performance. But have you ever considered consuming beetroot?

    The nitrate-rich juice made from beetroot powder can enhance your stamina, strength, and endurance.

    With beetroot juice in your system, you can easily maintain your energy for a significantly longer time. Studies suggest that the benefits increase depending on how much beet root juice you consume.

    The findings revealed the beetroot supplement had a small effect on how far the men could go, but improved the energy needed to maintain their speed by 5 percent. Meanwhile, the women’s team improved their overall performance by 1.7 percent. The more beetroot juice was consumed the better the athletes’ physical performance.

    Small changes in an athlete’s body can help give them the edge in a competition. Even the slightest improvements can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Or a new PR and well not getting a new PR.  Imagine how successful you'll be if you harnessed the potential of certified organic food items like raw beets, fish oils, green drinks, goat cheeses, and coconut oil.

    The nitrates contained by beetroot powder improve the efficiency of certain processes deep within our cells. These processes that occur in the mitochondria are enhanced by the nitrates, allowing it to produce more energy. By drinking this juice, you can lessen the amount of oxygen you need during exercise and even during pre-workouts. Ultimately, it helps you accomplish more.

    Whether you are lifting heavier weights, or running greater distances, or trying out exercises you’ve never done before, you will need extra energy for these activities. You will need stamina and endurance. And no matter how strenuous the exercise is, if you’re consuming less energy, then you’ll be able to keep grinding.

    And the more you exercise, the healthier your heart becomes. Beetroot powder can also have positive effects on your heart health.

    This natural ingredient can lower the risk of heart disease as well as metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome involves high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol. You can normalize these and establish healthy blood pressure levels by simply drinking a bit more beetroot juice.

    You'll be able to reduce the risk of heart failure, and you'll even lose weight! Fresh beets are good for men's health and women's health, and the same can be said for the powder form.

    Take advantage of this gift from nature. Reap its maximum benefits and bring out the best version of you. The only known side effect is that it may make your urine and bowels produce a red color (you are consuming a natural food coloring after all). But this is also known to be harmless.

    Do take note that beetroot powder is not recommended for those who have oxalate kidney stones, because beets are also high in oxalates. You may need to start looking for a better alternative.


    What is Vasodilation? And How Does Beetroot Help?

    Since we’re on the topic of heart health and beets, let’s talk a little bit about vasodilation. This is actually the process of widening the blood vessels—it happens naturally through consumption of certain nitrate-rich foods. And yes, we’re talking about red beets.

    Nitrate-rich foods relax the smooth muscle cells within the vessel walls. It affects the large arteries, the smaller arterioles, and the large veins called venodilators.

    When blood vessels dilate, the flow of blood is increased. At the same time, vascular resistance is decreased. It lowers your blood pressure in the process. The effect may or may not be localized to a specific organ—depending on what is being worked out.

    This process helps your heart pump more blood more easily.

    In general, athletes need this because they need stamina, energy, and endurance. But everyone needs to keep their blood pressure at healthy levels. So drinking beetroot juice can actually benefit everyone—even those who aren’t really into sports.

    So there’s no harm in trying out beetroot powder. Just don’t be alarmed if your urine goes a little bit red. And remember, your diet choices and your exercise habits are just as important as consuming specific food items like this, so be mindful of that. Try drinking some beet juice. It has a lot of health benefits. If you want to boost your overall health and athletic performance then check out our beet12 organic beetroot powder!

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    Everything You Wanted To Know About Beetroot & Beetroot Powder

    Omber Khan
    1. Is Beet Powder Good for You?
    3. What are the Health Benefits of Beetroot Powder?
    4. What are the Benefits of Organic Beet Powder for your Brain?
    5. What are the Benefits of Beetroot for Your Skin?
    6. How Can Beet Powder Improve Workouts?
    7. How Can Beet Powder Help You Recover?
    8. Organic vs. Inorganic Beetroot Powder 

    “Is Beet Powder Good for You?”

    Staying healthy is a priority for most people. And it should be. How can we live life to the fullest if we’re sick all the time? Constant illness means not being able to go out on adventures or spend quality time with our loved ones because we’re too tired.

    Unfortunately, our usual environments are practically set up to make us fail in this department. It’s impossible to stay healthy if the ecosystem we live in is polluted. Likewise, we can’t keep ourselves in top condition while being stressed out at work all the time.

    In a world where it’s particularly challenging to stay healthy, we need all the help we can get. Sometimes, the boost we need is hiding in plain sight, especially when it comes to the food choices we make. As you know, diet plays a crucial role in keeping the body safe and healthy.

    Did you know the slightest improvement in your diet could boost your health in many different ways? This is what we will be discussing today. Today, we will specifically be talking about beet powder and the variety of benefits it can provide you.

    Beetroots are good for the health. They are rich in antioxidants that help prevent cancer and fight inflammation. They are rich in essential vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium, Vitamin C, and more.

    Beetroot, which as the name implies is part of the beet plant, is consumed all over the world. In some cases you may hear or see them referred to as garden beets, red beets, golden beets, and table beets. Aside from being used in all sorts of recipes and as a food coloring agent, beets are also considered a medicinal plant.

    Today we are going to focus on the wide range of health benefits provided by beetroot and beet powder. And judging by its nutritional content, it has a lot of potential uses. In fact it is full of glycine, betaine, dietary fiber, copper, and phosphorus. And if you’re watching your weight, you’ll be happy to hear that beetroot is especially low in calories and has zero cholesterol!

    A quick glance at common beetroot powder benefits has all sorts of uses. It can be used to treat anemia, indigestion, constipation, dandruff, and certain heart diseases. Of course, it’s still best to check with your doctor before trying any supplement, so make sure to ask them to know if beet powder is a good option for your health


    Origin of Beets and Beetroot Powder Use

    Buy Beetroot Powder at Beet12

    Let’s take a moment to review what Beetroot powder is and what it’s made of. Beet powder is made of beetroot, which belongs to the Chenopodiaceous family. The medicinal and diet history of beetroot stretches back to ancient times. In fact, the earliest signs of cultivation are dated approximately 4,000 years ago, mainly in the Mediterranean region.

    Its use spread quickly all over the world, moving to Babylon by the 9th century. Eventually, it made its way into China where it became a notable part of Chinese cuisine. For thousands of years, raw beet had the reputation of being an aphrodisiac and to this day is often associated with human sexuality. While beets are available year round, they are still considered seasonal vegetables.

    Beets are usually added as an ingredient to salads and soups. If they are not used in the main dish for their flavor, they can still be used as a natural coloring agent, and you might be surprised to hear that many wines use beetroot for color. Beyond that, they can be used as a viable replacement for tropical sugar cane. That’s right, beetroot can even be used to make refined sugar.

    Most parts of beets are edible. The deep purple roots can be boiled, roasted, or eaten raw. The green, leafy portion of the beet is also edible. The young leaves are also often added raw to salads while the adult leaves can be boiled or steamed. The taste and texture is comparable to spinach.

    Going as far back at least as the Middle Ages, beetroot was already being used to treat a variety of conditions. In particular, beets were used to treat illnesses related to the circulatory and digestive systems.

    Beet powder is a supplement made from ground up beetroot. Below, you will find further detail on how beet powder helps the body become healthier.

    What are the Health Benefits of Beetroot Powder?

    Beetroot powder helps improve heart health. We are mentioning this first because we wanted to emphasize just how powerful and effective a cardiovascular supplement it can be. Many people suffer from heart conditions, and beet powder just may help improve their conditions.

    Beets are also rich in fiber, which helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. It does this by helping increase the level of good cholesterol in the body. Fiber also strips excess LDL cholesterol from veins and arteries to help rapidly reduce this “bad” cholesterol from the body.

    Regarding high levels of triglycerides, these can increase the risk of heart related conditions. Taking beetroot powder is a good way to mitigate the effects of elevated triglycerides. An increase in HDL “good” cholesterol can serve as your line of defense against many problems associated with heart health.

    Beets are also rich in betaine, a nutrient that lowers the homocysteine levels in the body. These can be harmful to blood vessels. With all of these benefits combined, it can be easy to see how consuming beet powder may help prevent cardiovascular diseases. It’s better safe than sorry after all.

    Who knew that taking beetroot juice could help prevent heart failure by facilitating healthy blood pressure? This is certainly one of those situations where all it takes is healthy eating to help maintain and improve one’s health.

    As if that wasn’t enough, the health benefits of buying beet powder are so astounding that consuming it can even help reduce the risk of birth defects. Pregnant women can benefit from beets because they contain the B vitamin folate, which helps in the development of the baby’s spinal column. Beetroot powder can help women avoid folate deficiency and the risk to the baby of neural tube defects.

    Now, aside from preventing heart conditions, organic beets are also great for lowering the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

    Studies have shown that beetroot is good at preventing lung, colon, and skin cancer because they contain betacyanins - something that counteracts the growth of cancerous cells. Beets are known to inhibit the cell mutations caused by this compound. The substance also serves to slow down tumor development.

    It wouldn’t hurt to add red beet powder to your diet.

    If you want to develop or maintain a healthy liver, beets work wonders in helping achieve that goal. Simply put, the betaines in beet juice help stimulate liver functions, keeping it healthy for a long time.

    So while your liver is busy “detoxing” your body and cleaning your blood, beets can help make your liver’s job much easier. It can do that by preventing and reducing the accumulation of fat in the organ.

    Moving from your liver to your lungs, beet powder can also help prevent problems in your respiratory system. As a healthy source of Vitamin C, beetroots are naturally inclined to ward against asthma symptoms. It’s also great that the beta-carotene in beetroot helps prevent lung cancer.

    If you are still having a hard time seeing how great beetroots are, you might need to add some Vitamin A to your diet. Beets are full of Vitamin A, which helps prevent age-related blindness onset by cataracts. The vitamin also reduces macular degeneration - another condition that older individuals are more likely to fact. The abundance of Vitamin A in beet powder is thanks to the presence of beta-carotene.

    Beetroot powder can also help prevent stroke due to being especially rich with potassium. That makes it an excellent supplement for those who are at risk of or have a family history of strokes or heart attacks.

    Even more impressive is the way beets seem to offer delayed benefits that help to prevent sudden drops in blood pressure. Interestingly, beets will naturally delay their own effects over the course of 24 hours, and that allows the body to adapt to and address some issues that lead to serious drops in blood pressure. Instead of seeing your blood pressure fall at a dangerous speed, beetroot powder helps your BP fall at a safe, even pace.

    As noted earlier, beets have been known to be an excellent aphrodisiac for hundreds of years, if not more. Much of this boost to the libido is because beets are known to contain significant levels of boron, a mineral which has been shown to increase the production of sexual hormones. These hormones help to not only increase your sexual appetite, but they also help improve sperm mobility and increase fertility. If your sex life has been lacking recently, then beet powder may be right for you.

    For those of you who don’t like the strong taste of beetroot, you can add orange, cucumber, or carrot juice to the recipe to help make the drink go down easier.

    What are the Benefits of Organic Beet Powder for your Brain?

    Of course, beet powder wouldn’t be so mind-blowingly useful if it only had an affect on your physical health. In order to really impress the health junkies out there, the best health supplements also offer at least a couple mental health benefits. Beetroot powder does so in spades.The supplement can help boost brain health and is in fact considered “brain food” for those who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It helps slow the effects of such conditions.

    Drinking beet juice is known to increase blood flow to the brain - something that can be especially beneficial to the elderly, which helps fight the progression of dementia. This is because the high-nitrate substance helps specifically increase in blood flow to the white matter of the frontal lobes - the areas of the brain that are susceptible to degeneration due to cognitive disorders.

    Additionally, the folic acid in beetroot can help protect against Alzheimer’s by protecting the hippocampus from damage. This is the part of the brain that is devoted to memory and learning.

    Again, it is still important to talk to your doctor before trying any form of supplement. And do not substitute your medicines with beets —they work best as a supplement.

    Still, if you wish to protect your mind from the effects of degeneration, it wouldn’t hurt to try something as healthy as beetroots.

    What are the Benefits of Beetroot for Your Skin?

    health benefits of using beet root powder for your skin-SELFe

    Now that we’ve talked about some of the physical and mental health benefits of beet powder, let’s take a little break and focus on some its cosmetic effects. If you simply want to look good by having a healthier “glowing” appearance or just feel a bit more confident in yourself, beets can give you that, too.

    Beetroot juice helps you achieve pimple-free skin. Beets are rich in skin-enhancing nutrients that can benefit those who are prone to acne and oily skin. If you want to prevent pimples from popping up, you can rely on beetroot’s anti-inflammatory properties.

    In fact, applying beetroot juice and curd in 2:1 tablespoon proportion can even help to dry up acne-caused scars.

    If you’re not busy dealing with acne, you can still benefit from beetroot in order to achieve that youthful glow. Beet powder is a good source of iron, vitamins, and minerals. Having those in abundance can give you healthy skin.

    It is easy to see that a person is healthy on the inside by looking at how healthy they look on the outside. The person’s skin quality is often a good reflection of their inner health. Drinking a glass of beetroot juice on a regular basis won’t hurt. It will also help your body expel all kinds of toxins. Cleansing this way can help nurture healthy, glowing skin.

    If you really feel like exploring your beauty options, you can actually apply the juice itself on your face as a mask! Rinse it off after a few minutes to get a soft and supple look. It will really give you a radiant, youthful glow. This is because beetroot helps remove dead cells and encourages developing new ones.

    And if you dream of a fairer complexion, look no further! You don’t need any of those chemical-based beauty products when you have an all-in-one natural solution like this. Beetroot is your safest bet when it comes to achieving the fair complexion you’ve always wanted.

    With the right serving size of certified organic Beetroot juice, you'll be able to achieve a more vibrant look. Drinking the juice regularly can really work wonders toward lightening your skin. In fact, it also reduces dark spots and blemishes. Just mix it with a little tomato juice and apply it on the spots. You see, since beets work as a natural blood purifier, they treat the cause of those dark spots from within. With routine application, you’ll see those blemishes disappear in no time.

    If you have dark circles under your eyes, you are probably stressed or not getting enough sleep. Insufficient sleeping hours can make your eyes look puffy and unhealthy. Again, regularly applying beetroot juice can lighten up those dark circles. This is all thanks to the soothing agents present in the powder.

    And speaking of dark circles, you may have some dark lines on your neck. Many people seem to neglect this area, so patches tend to form there. If you’re trying hard to maintain a beautiful face, you probably shouldn’t stop there. Don’t forget about your neck! Beetroot juice comes to the rescue by giving you the solution to your dark lines problem. You can just apply some of the juice to your neck muscles for a few minutes.

    Some people even freeze the beetroot juice and then later use the ice cubes to massage the neck area. It’s simple, it’s easy to do, it helps remove dark lines, and on hotter days can be especially soothing.

    Beetroot not only rejuvenates your skin and removes blemishes and wrinkles - it also moisturizes dry skin. You know how frustrating dry skin can be. By combining beetroot juice with honey and milk, you can get a nice coating for your dry skin., The effects of this mixture are noticeably quick, too, and you’ll notice results almost instantly. Just like that, your problem with dry skin is solved.

    Now you may think that these tips are only for young adults, but these are actually applicable for people of all ages. Even when you cross into your 30s or 40s, you may start noticing some wrinkles caused by premature aging. Beet powder can help maintain the elasticity of the skin and keep your youthful appearance by minimizing unsightly wrinkles.

    Beauty inside and out is something most people aim for. You don’t need to spend lots of money on beauty products if there are natural alternatives like Beetroot readily available. You only need to make the most out of what nature offers.

    How Can Beet Powder Improve Workouts?

    Becoming beautiful on the outside is great, and keeping entire body healthy is the ultimate goal. But diet isn’t the only thing you need to do in order to achieve and maintain a healthy body.

    You also need exercise.

    Eating right is only half the battle. You also need to be working out and spending time keeping your body in the right shape. You need to be active to stay fit. That is the best way to remain healthy in the long run.

    And if you consistently get winded after only a few minutes of exercise, then what you need is a bit more endurance. Yes, it’s not just your willpower that’s holding you back. Beet powder can be invaluable for those who are looking to boost their performance by increasing their endurance.

    Intense workouts require you to keep going —to push forward even when you don’t feel like you can anymore. According to research, those who drink beet juice before working out are capable of exercising up to 16 percent longer than those who don’t.

    It is said that the endurance boosting effects of beets comes from their high nitrate content. The nitrates turn into nitric oxide, reducing the oxygen cost of low-intensity exercise. This, in turn, enhances your stamina for higher intensity workouts.

    As made evident by the facts noted above, nitrate-rich food items such as beets are great for increasing physical endurance.

    Studies show that beet juice increases blood plasma nitric oxide levels. This means it can widen blood vessels for greater blood flow throughout the body. This increased blood flow puts less stress on the heart during workouts. This will ultimately allow you to exercise for longer. And if you’re looking to build muscle mass and strength, you’ll be glad to know that this all helps encourage greater muscle growth.

    On top of all these exercise-related benefits, beet powder can also help you ease muscle soreness. We all know muscles only grow during periods of rest, and not while you’re working out. Because of that, it’s a good idea to drink a few ounces of beetroot juice after a particularly challenging workout. This will help your muscles recover faster. You’ll feel less sore, even as your body is healing itself. Ever tried sprint workouts or CrossFit? Those activities can be quite taxing on the body and leave you sore. Try beetroot powder to soothe your muscles afterwards.

    How Can Beet Powder Help You Recover?


    While we’re on the topic of recovery, let’s go a little further into detail about how beets really boost you physically.

    In terms of stamina, beets are proven and tested as natural boosters. Did you know that some elite athletes have crimson colored urine during drug tests simply because they consume so many beets? It’s what they rely on because it’s a safer (and legal) alternative to performance enhancing substances.

    Beets are all natural and beneficial. Cyclists who drank beet juice prior to being tested were able to pedal hard for 15 percent longer during a time trial to exhaustion.

    It is said that peak nitrate levels occur two to three hours after the consumption of beets. You can time your intake accordingly if you want to get the most out of your beet powder supplement when combining with exercise or other physical activity.

    But aside from just giving you more stamina, beets actually boost your performance by giving you more energy. While beets may be revered for their abundance of vitamins and minerals, most people are surprised to learn that they’re also packed with carbohydrates. Eating a single beet is like having a full meal (although you should still have a solid diet plan). As we all know, carbohydrates provide energy, not only for prolonged sports activities, but also for regular, day to day activities. Carbs are the building blocks of energy metabolism. Best of all, beets let you load up on carbs without stuffing yourself with things like pasta or bread, which can leave you feeling nauseous if you exercise right after eating.

    Even if you’re not an athlete, beets can give you the necessary energy boost to get through the day. Beet powder provides the necessary amount of carbohydrates without the negative side effects of other carbohydrate heavy foods. You can be sure that you’re getting enough to fuel all your necessary functions throughout the day. Inside your body, all your organ systems will function more efficiently as well.

    What are the Weight Loss Benefits of Beetroot Powder?

    You may think losing weight is merely a cosmetic benefit of taking beet powder, but it is a major factor in your overall health as well.

    Beets allow you to detox and cleanse toxins from your body, thereby directly assisting you in losing weight. We have also established that they are good sources of dietary fiber. In terms of dietary fiber, beets contain half soluble and half insoluble fibers. Both of these help fight fat by maintaining proper bowel function. Some people may also be happy to learn that beets contain zero fat.

    The magnesium found in beets can also support nerve and muscle functions, which can both be beneficial when it comes to shedding those extra pounds.

    Furthermore, beets contain phytonutrients known as betalains. These are effective when it comes to reducing inflammation and supplying the body with antioxidants. Remember the detoxifying function of beets? Betalains support that process.

    Organic vs. Inorganic Beetroot Powder

    So now that you know most of the benefits of beetroot powder, there’s only one question left: Is “regular” or organic beetroot powder better?

    To this day, there’s a great deal of controversy surrounding organic foods. Recent studies continue to contradict one another. The general public consensus is that organic foods are healthier —but some people claim there is little evidence to back up this claim. There are apparently no health benefits or any advantages given to those who only eat organic.

    The argument against inorganic food is that they are sprayed with chemicals—chemicals that may be harmful when ingested. Of course, these chemicals are used in most farms in order to control pests. And while spraying does not affect the taste or nutritional value of the food in question, under- and unwashed beets may still lead to these pesticides being ingested.

    So people who support organic food items are all about avoiding the possible consequences of eating inorganic.

    On the other hand, those that eat inorganic foods are either unconcerned, or simply questioning the necessity of organic food items.

    This may not sound like a big issue, but it actually has some weight to it. Being a vegetable, beets are also a part of this conversation. However, it should also be noted that since beets are a root, they have less chance to have the used parts be sprayed directly. In the end, though, this argument may currently boil down to being a matter of opinion. It really just depends on your quality standards. The one you choose just depends on your stance regarding the issue.

    Either way, beet powder is good for you. With all the benefits listed above, there’s definitely enough reason to try beetroots and beet powder. Whether you go for organic or “regular” beets or beet products is entirely up to you.

    If you are really conscious about where and how your food was grown, you can also buy from local farmers. This way, you can actually talk to the farmer and find out how the crops were grown. Visit your local farmers market today for additional information.

    And if you have a bit of a green thumb, why not try and grow some of your own? By growing the beets yourself, you’ll know exactly how they were grown. You can be sure that there are no added chemicals and also 0g added sugars. Not only is this potentially a safer alternative to store-bought beets, growing your own food is an achievement itself.

    Try beet powder today! Stop by your local grocery or farmers market and search for different beet juice powders. With all the benefits offered from beets, there’s no reason not give beet powder a test drive as soon as possible. Visit us at SELFe for more health supplementation tips.


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