How to Take Beetroot Powder

How to Take Beetroot Powder



1: Beetroot Powder For Weight Loss

2: Improved Energy  

3: How much Beetroot Powder do I really Need?  


Since the discovery of its health benefits, most notably amongst athletes, beetroot powder has become popular. Athletes and people struggling with poor blood pressure have chosen to take beetroot powder as an organic alternative from medications.

Depending on what you're taking beetroot powder for, the dosage and frequency of taking beetroot will be different. Consulting your doctor to get a more accurate instruction on how to take beetroot powder is still ideal. However, you can get an early idea following these suggested dosages and frequency.

Beetroot Powder For Weight Loss

Beetroot helps in weight loss in two steps. First, it provides a strict amount of calories and enough nutrients that will fulfill the nutritional needs of the body. At the same time, beetroot also helps increase stamina and endurance. This becomes helpful during exercise.

By providing enough nutrition to satisfy the body, controlling the calorie intake, and giving enough endurance and stamina to give you a boost during exercise, taking beetroot powder will improve your chances of maintaining or losing weight.

Making beetroot smoothie as a pre-workout drink is a good idea. Mix a tablespoon of beetroot powder with your chosen fruits to create your pre-workout smoothie. This will help you maintain your stamina and endurance while keeping your body nourished by an organic and healthy drink.

If your looking for a specific number to start with is 1-2 teaspoons for two times a day. Think of a teaspoon as a medium sized beet. If you're going to incorporate vigorous exercise into your weight loss program, don't hesitate to take it three times a day.

Beetroot Powder for Improved Energy

Athletes would swear by this miracle red elixir because of the boost of energy they get out of it. According to most studies both official and independent, runners found themselves running for 15-20% longer. Others managed to shave off 5% of their fastest time to finish a lap, and that small percentage could mean the difference between silver and gold; just ask the swimmers.

Though beetroot contains sucrose which gives it it's slightly sweet taste, this is not the source of energy. Beetroot is rich in iron, calcium, and nitrates. These nutrients work in concert to make your body use energy efficiently.

Nitrates cause your blood vessels to dilate or expand, allowing more blood to flow at a faster rate, which is important when you’re undergoing vigorous activity. Iron helps your blood store more oxygen, so a diet rich in iron will help your body keep itself oxygenated, fueling your muscles. Calcium is not just for your bones, it helps your cells act faster in creating ATP, aka the energy unit your cells need in order to function.

Instead of providing energy in the form of calories, Beetroot helps your body process energy better. It minimizes energy use while making sure there's an adequate flow of energy. The best part? Beetroot has an incredibly low-calorie count and is healthy for your liver. This makes it ideal not just for athletes, but for people who want to lose weight. The boost ensures that you utilize the stored fat in your system properly during exercise.

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How much Beetroot Powder do I really Need?

The ideal amount to take would be around 300-500 mg or 2-3 teaspoons. The most efficient way is to mix it in water and take it all in one good swig. You can take more, but loading yourself with nitrates can potentially be bad for you, especially if you have kidney stones. Take your dose around 30-45 minutes before you start your exercise to ensure that your body absorbs all the nitrates. You can take one dose in the morning, then one in the evening before you sleep. This ensures that you get your nutrients before the exercise, and before recovery phase, aka, sleep.

Its effects are not as noticeable especially if you compare it to drinking an energy drink. However, continuing to drink it over a period of time, you'll start seeing a small but significant improvement in your stamina and speed. Not to mention, your liver will thank you for the extra push you're providing in the detoxification department.

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