Going Green: The Benefits of Plant vs Dairy Proteins

Going Green: The Benefits of Plant vs Dairy Proteins

Samuel Wotton
The benefits of plant vs dairy sources of protein has been fiercely debated on and off the internet for decades. 

There are a number of factors that motivate people to change dietary choices, from nutrition to ethics, but all are important to consider in the bigger picture.

Health Benefits with Plant Proteins

While there are pro's and cons to both plant-based formulas (depending on the formula) and dairy or whey based formulas, anecdotally, many people receive much more positive health benefits from plant-based proteins than dairy. Common complaints from dairy-based products are indigestion, acne flareups and hormonal issues, as well as taste and texture. 

Improve Digestion

Plant-based protein powders are made from whole foods. The advantage to using a complete plant protein, is it's generally a blend of multiple different plant proteins, designed to give you a fully biologically available protein. 

Our bodies are not designed to drink cow's milk, and many people lack the necessary enzymes to properly break down whey. 

Plant proteins have natural enzymes that help break down the protein so it can be assimilated into amino acids by the body.

Some plant proteins even have pre-biotic fiber, BCAAs, and glutamine that help to improve gut health.

Reduce Body Weight

There are a number of benefits to consuming plant proteins for losing weight. A recent study showed that people who ate a plant-based diet had a greater reduction in weight and body fat than control groups.  

Part of this is because plant proteins tend to leave you feeling more satisfied and full after consuming them.

Imagine, trying to diet and not being hungry all the time?

Improve Longevity

Recent research shows that consuming plant-based protein sources contributed to living a longer healthier life. The study analyzed those who included rich plant-based sources of nutrients in their diet vs those who did not.

Lower the Risk for Heart Disease

While there are a number of benefits for going plant-based, what is appealing to many people is the overall improvement of health markers. Plant based proteins can lower cholesterol, risk for diabetes type 2, and reduce markers of stress.


It Just Feels Better

Most anecdotal evidence points to just feeling better overall taking plant-based protein vs dairy. When it comes to energy, hormones, stress levels, and overall health, plants take the cake.


It's Sustainable

Dairy farming uses a tremendous amount of resources, as well as leaving a significant carbon footprint. In fact, plant-based proteins and foods scored lowest on overall impact to the environment by agriculture. Plant protein dramatically outperforms dairy when it comes to positive environmental impact. Switching to a plant-based protein is something you can feel good about, inside and out.


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