Low Energy? This New Coffee Alternative Boosts Your Body’s Energy Production At The Cellular Level

Discover The New Stimulant-Free Power Drink Professional Athletes & High-Powered CEOs Are Using To Be On Top Of Their Game Every Day

A brand new kind of stimulant-free, coffee alternative is currently taking the U.S by storm.


After being featured in the media several times, many scientists and researchers are calling it the “holy grail” to improve mood, energy and focus at any age.


Several executives in the coffee industry are actively lobbying against this new energy-boosting substance that could “disrupt the coffee market” according to a well-known analyst.


This new ‘cell booster’ can improve nutrient distribution throughout the body, helping the mitochondria in your cells produce up to 120% more ATP, the main molecule responsible for powering your cells.


It can help eliminate fatigue, improve mood and focus, boost the immune system and even lower blood pressure naturally.


A 2020 study by a prestigious university concluded that this new discovery can “improve mood and cognitive function in healthy adults”.


Another 2020 study by the renowned journal Nutrition & Metabolism showed that it can “help control blood sugar levels and avoid energy crashes”.


How is it possible? It’s simply because this new discovery can prevent your cells from ‘starving’ of key nutrients. You see, when your body isn’t able to send nutrients to all your cells in a timely manner, they begin to STARVE.


Their production of ATP, the energy molecule, slows down, and the first negative consequence is that your brain slows down and you feel sluggish.


This new discovery almost instantly increases blood flow and sends key nutrients directly to your cells, boosting your energy levels within minutes.


It’s almost like an energy drink — without the excessive amounts of caffeine and sugar that actually rob your body of its energy-producing power.

A New Scientific Breakthrough That Could Disrupt The $465.9 Billion Coffee Industry

The coffee industry is estimated to be worth nearly $465.9 billion according to Global News Wire — but several industry executives have reported being worried by the introduction of this new energy-boosting alternative.


You see, many people are aware that coffee’s effectiveness is quite limited. Recent studies show that after just 2 weeks, the body begins to develop caffeine tolerance.


This means that the body’s “default” energy levels are actually LOWER — and your cells need coffee just to get back to baseline. This makes coffee extremely effective at lowering energy levels in the long run.


Which explains why this new scientific discovery is taking the U.S by storm.


Drinking just one cup of this new substance every day could have the same energy-boosting benefits coffee has — without the side effects and negative health consequences.


But where does this discovery come from, and how does it work?


Scientists have known for decades that energy production begins in the cell, more precisely in the mitochondria. The mitochondria is like a mini-cell within the cell, tasked with turning glucose into ATP.


ATP is essentially your body’s energy molecule — which powers nearly every single organ and cell in your body. Any reduction in ATP production, even for a few seconds, can have dramatic consequences for the body.


Most importantly, ATP also gives your neurons the energy they need to function. But our modern, nutritionally-poor diets, as well as chronic stress and even pollution, are quickly reducing our bodies’ ATP production — leaving many of us feeling chronically tired for no particular reason.


Fortunately, a new scientific breakthrough is already helping thousands of Americans boost their ATP production without any side effects…

An Unexpected New Way Of Increasing Energy Levels Within Minutes…

This new energy-boosting discovery was identified by accident. For years, researchers had been trying to find a natural sports drink that could boost athletic performance without side effects.


Obviously, performance-enhancing drugs are out of the question - so they had to find a natural substance to improve the performance of professional athletes.


Needless to say that tens of millions of dollars were spent trying to test the effectiveness of various substances to increase endurance and recovery — but it nearly all went to waste, until a group of researchers discovered the solution in a place no one expected…

They discovered by accident that the juice extracted from beetroots contained extremely high levels of nitrates. Nitrates stimulates the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body, which has the nearly magical ability to improve blood flow to the muscles — enhancing the endurance and recovery of an athlete nearly instantly.


Even more surprising, in several follow-up studies, the researchers discovered that this improved blood flow also improved brain function and could significantly reduce fatigue not only in athletes after a big game, but even in healthy adults who were feeling tired.

This was the beginning of a true scientific “gold rush” — and dozens of studies were published over the next few years conclusively proving that beetroot juice had the incredible ability to boost ATP production at the cellular level.


It was able to increase energy levels in healthy adults without using any kind of stimulant — simply by fixing the root cause of low energy levels.


The best part? It keeps working over the long term, and the body cannot develop any tolerance to using beetroot juice daily, even for several years.


It’s the “safest and most effective natural performance-enhancing compound on earth”, according to a well-known sports researcher.


But is it as simple as simple drinking some beetroot juice every day? The science says that it’s a bit more complex…

The Truth About Conventional Beetroot Juice

Unfortunately, several recent studies have shown that conventional beetroot juice is filled with dozens of pesticides, heavy metals and other toxic substances. This is because beetroots are thin-skinned and are grown in the ground, which means that they absorb pesticides and chemicals extremely quickly.


In a recent study, more than 90% of beetroot tested contains abnormally high levels of pesticides that could negatively affect human health.


What’s worse, conventional beetroot juice also typically has a very unpleasant, earthy taste that most people simply do not like.


This is why a trusted American brand, Self Evolve, set out to create a superior beetroot juice supplement that could offer all the powerful energy-boosting benefits of beetroot juice without any of the downside of conventional beetroot juice.


They condensed beetroot juice into a delicious powder that can be mixed with water or juice to get the equivalent of an entire glass of beetroot juice. The powder has a natural black cherry favor that nearly all customers love.


All the beetroots used to produce this delicious beetroot powder are certified organic, and hand-picked to select only the most nutritionally dense beetroots. This guarantees that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals, and contain extremely high levels of energy-boosting nitrates.


They commercialized this new product under the name…

BEET12 USDA Organic Beet Root Powder with Vegan B12

SelfEvolve Beet12™

Just One Scoop Is Enough To Power Your Entire Day

How does it work? Simply mix one scoop of Beet12™ with a glass of water or juice, drink it, and enjoy a nearly instantaneous increase in your energy levels without any stimulant.


Most users report that Beet12™ helps them have more energy, improve their mood and focus, reduce anxiety and boost athletic performance without any side effects.

Benefits Of The Unique Beet12™ Powder

  • Eliminate fatigue and increase energy levels instantly
  • Boost mood and focus
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Stronger immune system
  • Fight anxiety and depression
  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • And much, much more!


Beet12™ is truly the ultimate energy-boosting, health-promoting supplement. Just one scoop is enough to power your entire day.

How Exactly Does Beet12™ Work?

Beet12™ contains an extremely concentrated beetroot powder that contains high levels of nitrates. Nitrates can boost Nitric Oxide production in the body by 21% after just 45 minutes according to a recent study.


Higher Nitric Oxide levels in the body improves blood flow and sends more key nutrients to your cells, helping your mitochondria turn more glucose into ATP. Once your body produces more ATP, your cells receive more energy and you quickly feel a surge of energy throughout your entire body.


This entire process happens just minutes after ingesting Beet12™ and its benefits can be felt within minutes.

Who Is Beet12™ For?

Beet12™ was specifically created for anyone who wants more energy and focus — to be able to accomplish their goals with less effort.


If you want to enjoy a natural kick every day to push you towards your goals and feel better, Beet12™ is the perfect supplement for you.

The Science Behind Beet12™

A study published in 2018 showed that beetroot powder can increase levels of nitric oxide throughout the body to increase muscle output and reduce fatigue.


Another 2017 study by the journal Nutrients showed that beetroot powder can improve endurance and boost blood flow in the body.


Another study published in 2020 by Nutrition & Metabolism showed that beetroot powder can help control the blood glucose peak to balance energy levels and avoid energy crashes.


A 2020 study also showed that beetroot powder supplementation can improve mood and cognitive function in healthy adults.


Another study from 2019 showed that beetroot powder can improve cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure in patients.


A 2016 study by the Journal of Pharmacognosy Research showed that beetroot powder can have anti-anxiety properties thanks to its high antioxidant content.

An Unconditional 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

SelfEvolve is so certain that you’ll love Beet12™ that they offer an unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee. Try Beet12™ for up to 90 days, and if you’re not happy for any reason, you can return your products to get a prompt refund — even if you’ve already opened them!

Why Most People Choose To Order Multiple Units Of Beet12

According to the research, Beet12™ has to be taken on an ongoing basis to maintain and optimize its benefits. One jar of Beet12™ usually lasts about 30 days — which is why most users choose to order 2 or 4 jars to be able to keep taking Beet12™ over the long run.


Any order of 2 jars can allow you to benefit from a 10% discount, and any order of 4 jars will give you a massive 20% discount on the usual price. This is why most people usually order 2 or 4 jars of Beet12™ — to make sure they never run out of stock.

A Special Offer While Supplies Last

After being featured in the media multiple times, the representatives of Self Evolve have announced that they might run out of stock soon. According to them, the price for the next batch of products might increase — which is why they recommend that people order their supply of Beet12™ while it’s still in stock.


After clicking on the big “Check Availability” button below, if the product is still in stock, you’ll be redirected to the official product page of Beet12™. Choose how many units you want to order at the bottom of the page. After this, you’ll be redirected to Self Evolve’s ultra-secure checkout where you can pay by credit card or Paypal.




















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